Pay More Careful Attention


To which of the angels did God ever say, “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet”?

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.

Hebrews 1:13 – 2:1

All through the book of Hebrews, we are reminded of the superiority of Jesus. In the first chapter, the writer makes the point that Jesus is specifically greater than the angels. 

The writer even poses this question: “Which angel did God ever command to sit at His right hand?” The answer is none. Angels serve those who will inherit salvation.

The writer follows up this truth that Jesus is greater than the angels with an important thought:

We must pay more careful attention to what we have heard so that we do not drift away.

Imagine an angel, appearing before you, delivering a message from God. No doubt, you would listen attentively and probably follow through with whatever the angel asked you to do. The magnificence of the heavenly figure would compel you to action.

So here is the point of the writer in Hebrews 2:1. 

Jesus, who is greater than the angels, has spoken to us. We have His very words of life at our fingertips every day! We should listen attentively and do whatever He asks.

But so often we overlook His words, failing to give them the attention they deserve.

Let’s refocus our attention today on the Word of God and the words of God. 

And let’s not just learn what they are, but let’s apply them to our lives in the most detailed way possible. After all, ignoring His words leads to a life disconnected from God.


Heavenly Father, help me pay more careful attention to your word today. And show me anything that is getting in the way of my relationship with you. Amen.